7 Positive Self-Labels For An Empowered Mindset

Take back control of your identity

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1. Survivor

Courtney had been sexually abused throughout her life. She labeled herself a victim, which is how many people would identify themselves after experiencing severe trauma. That’s even how the newspapers describe it: a victim of sexual assault.

2. Adaptable

Marines are trained to improvise, adapt, and overcome “any obstacle in whatever situation they are needed.” Marines are badasses — being adaptable is part of that badassery.

3. Hard worker

Being a hard worker has nothing to do with your body; it’s about your mental fortitude to put in the effort — that may be studying, going to physical therapy after an injury, or learning how to talk again after a stroke.

4. Compassionate

Showing compassion to others and ourselves takes zero money, can be done anywhere and anytime, is independent of whether we graduated at the top of our class or dropped out, and will always be the right thing to do if you want to make the world a little better.

5. Wisdom-seeker

is a term popularized by Friedrich Nietzsche, which means “love of fate.” This echoes a quote by the Roman Emperor Marcus Aurelius,

6. Lifelong learner

I spent over a decade in college to earn my doctorate. The main thing I learned was the importance of being a lifelong learner.

7. Martial artist

Identifying as a martial artist may seem like it’s focused on physicality, but take the words of former UFC champion George St. Pierre:


What do these labels have in common? They’re all about a mindset rather than external accoutrements. Your body can fail, you can lose your job, people you care about may die, or your cognitive abilities may decline. These are out of your control.


This is Part 3 of a series on understanding how the language we use affects us. If you’re interested, check out Part 1: How to Take Back Control When You Feel Broken and Part 2: The Subtle Way Language Hijacks Our Perceptions.

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