Honestly, man, most self-help "gurus" are full of shit. Most haven't formally studied what they're talking about--they're just regurgitating 3rd-hand accounts instead of studying the source.

Sadly, my writing can get lumped in with these snakeoil salespeople because I write about psychology and mental health--both are hot topics today.

The difference is that I've studied it for over a decade and been a therapist for years. I've helped real people overcome real problems.

No tricks. No quick-fix gimmicks. Just sound evidence-based interventions. So now I've started writing for publications like Medium to use my expertise to help others overcome their struggles and live better.

But avoiding all the cliches and "gurus" is a quagmire.

Written by

Licensed Clinical Psychologist | Writer | Mindset & Habits Coach. Check out more of my work here: https://coreywilkspsyd.com/articles/

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