Thank you. I’m sorry you’ve struggled with suicide and haven’t had the best experiences with inpatient psychiatric services. There’s not a quick fix for year’s or decade’s worth of psychological factors that contribute to suicidality.

Obviously, I’m a fan of everyone going to therapy because I think it offers benefits (of varying magnitudes) to everyone. But you seem like a pro when it comes to seeking mental health services, so I’m sure you’re well-informed.

Thank you for sharing your feedback and I’m glad, given your insight into these issues, that you found value in this article.

One of my goals is to make psychology and mental health more accessible through my writing (and other projects in the pipeline).

If you have any other feedback or ideas/questions for future articles, let me know!

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Licensed Clinical Psychologist | Writer | Mindset & Habits Coach. Check out more of my work here:

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